Think Growth Consulting, LLC

Founded by Ross Sanner, Think Growth Consulting, LLC is a leading company that guides both nonprofit and for-profit businesses through smart, expansive investment and growth opportunities. The team offers consulting in a number of verticals regarding strategy, leadership, and recruitment.

For Profit Work

  • Private Equity – Capitol sourcing
  • Capitol partner communication strategies for proof of concept projects / as well as start up seed financing
  • Business strategy, innovation and operational execution
  • Business transformation – Restructuring to accelerate the value of the company for a new growth market or company survival
  • Taking revenue generation from good to great or from or failing to a success
  • Team model building, execution, organization and service delivery design to create efficiency and effectiveness for the company
  • Individualized Customer strategy evaluation and marketing
  • Merger and Acquisition assistance and strategy based on growing market share, diversify risk, Adding new competencies
  • Operational efficiency guidance

Non Profit Work

  • Strategic planning for non profit businesses and Institutions focused on Advancement sustainability, innovation and growth
  • Capitol Campaign Set up – Management – Implementation
  • Campaign feasibility and planning studies
  • Foundation and Trust grant targeting and writing
  • Organization restructuring
  • Board and investor relations management and strategy
  • Alumni and Constituent Strategic outreach solutions. Including technology and analytics.
  • Annual Fundraising Strategies
  • Enrollment management and new business strategic outreach solutions.

Our Mission

Our vision and goal everyday is to be the absolute best management consulting firm for our select group of clients measured by the value we deliver every day.

We work hand in hand with our clients everyday to build the and analyze the best strategies and approaches to unlock and enable the organization or individual to achieve and maintain the advantage. Our partnership and leadership creates change and innovation that lead to sustainable value.

At the end of the day we help our clients build new and renew businesses that strengthen our clients position in their unique vertical. We partner with our clients and provide the pathway and structure that leads to creation, innovation and sustainable solutions.

Connect with Ross Sanner, President and Founder of Think Growth Consulting LLC