Let Think Growth help you guide your business toward progress.

Transforming Business 

When it comes to for-profit businesses, Think Growth focuses on strategy and the potential to accelerate a company’s expansion or aid in its survival.

We believe in changing perspectives.


We look to create connections between industries and changing the approach that companies take. Often, this comes down to considering current methods of revenue generation, operations, and service delivery: can something be more efficient? Do tactics line up with strategy? Is there a need for a product or service?

Though raising money to support a nonprofit is very different than raising venture capital money, Think Growth considers the intersection of different verticals thanks to a range of experience. Even in for-profit industries, considering the story you tell and the perceptions of consumers in your market space is a step toward reevaluating existing strategy.

Think Growth Consulting offers the following services to for-profit businesses:

  • Private Equity – capital sourcing
  • Partner communication strategies for proof of concept projects
  • Start-up seed financing
  • Business strategy, innovation, and operational execution
  • Business transformation
  • Revenue reevaluation
  • Team model building, execution, organization and service delivery design to create efficiency and effectiveness for the company
  • Individualized customer strategy evaluation and marketing
  • Merger and acquisition assistance and strategy based on growing market share, diversifying risk, and adding new competencies
  • Operational efficiency guidance