About the Founder

Experienced. Results-Driven.

About Ross Sanner 

When it comes to his career as a consultant, Ross’s strength lies in his willingness to meet clients where they are, both physically and strategically, and deliver results tailored to their business. Growing a business can be challenging, even for a seasoned businessperson. Ross Sanner understands this and works to create a solution that might not be immediately obvious. Though this can involve asking hard questions about a business’s operations and finances, Ross is focused on providing long-term fixes for businesses looking to expand or save themselves from disaster. He goes into every meeting with a client willing to listen and learn from what they say about their business—and, more importantly, what they don’t say.

Ross’s own career experience has empowered him to work in a variety of verticals, leveraging his established connections to create the best outcomes for his clients. Between his work in finance, technology, education management, and the nonprofit sphere, he understands that perceptions are everything in business—whether a startup looking to find a market for their product or a nonprofit trying to be heard among the masses. Good returns on investment don’t happen in a vacuum—it’s about the strategy, leadership, and recruitment efforts that reposition a company to be a leader in their vertical.

And for Ross, relationship building is important to ensuring that consultations go smoothly. He’s willing to not only find a solution but to see it through as the company implements it to monitor for changes and adjust if necessary. Development is a long-term project, and needs or challenges can evolve. Ross Sanner is willing to solve problems and face issues every step of the way.