If your business needs hiring a consultant, do you know which questions you should be asking during an interview to find the right candidate? If you’ve never hired a consultant before, asking the correct interview questions can make a difference between missing the mark and achieving your goals. The following questions scratch the surface of things you should be asking the consultants you’re interviewing

What are your areas of expertise?

Each consultant will have areas of specialization or an area that they excel in. While some consultants specialize in a particular industry, others specialize in specific markets or strategic issues. If you are headed into an interview knowing what business challenges need to be addressed, make sure to talk about it while conducting your interview. It is often suggested that you hire a strategist with recent experience and ensure that you are getting the best recommendations for your business.

What do you know about our company and our competitors?

Consultants often make recommendations based on the context of your business. Do not expect them to be automatically familiar with your company and your competitors before the interview. An excellent consulting candidate will have done their homework before the interview and demonstrate their interest and due diligence for the position.

How well do you know our industry?

The knowledge of a consultant can cover every market and industry, but it’s been proven that working with someone who has relevant experience in your industry is the best. Look to hire a consultant who has worked and been successful in your industry. They should also be up to date on the latest trends and developments and will be able to work more efficiently and give you specific analysis throughout the project. 

Describe how you’ve tackled strategic issues that were outside of your expertise?

Being a consultant requires learning, and even if a candidate is familiar with your industry, there will still be a learning process. Consultants will need to take the time to analyze your organization and your employees. Learning how the consultant was able to successfully tackle strategy before will give you confidence in their qualifications. 

What will you bring to this role?

As more and more individuals work as independent consultants, you could see an influx of candidates with strong qualifications. Ask each of them to describe their unique qualities, qualifications, and capabilities will help you narrow down your choice and pick the right candidate for your position.