The first step to launching a successful consulting business is to find your first client. You do not have to be a salesperson to pitch a potential client on the work you want to do for them; you have to sell yourself and your expertise. If you are struggling to find your first client, try one of the following things!


If your consulting business is relatively new, the first thing you should consider doing to find a client is to leverage your connections. First-degree connections, or individuals you are directly connected to, should be the first people you email or call to have a conversation with. These connections that could either be your first client or help you find your first client. It is important to let them know what you’re up to and look to see if there are any potential ways that you could support them. Even if you are unsure about reaching out to someone, it can’t hurt to meet with them! They may not be the right fit, but maybe they have someone you can work with.


Another great way to find new clients is through networking. The power of great networking can help launch and grow a business. One of the best ways to network is to go to local events for professionals and talk to other business owners. Networking will help you build out connections in a variety of industries that can later lead to new job leads and larger client pools.


Sometimes the only way to start building up a business and land your first paying client is to work for free. While it is not always ideal, it helps build up your experience. Reach out to a connection and complete work for them in exchange for a testimonial. Most people will say yes because they can have you complete a task they might not have time for or a job they might have had to pay for. If you can get a client with a decent following, getting a testimonial or reference from them can help land future clients.

Create a Landing Page

Search engines can help you land your first client. Creating a landing page on a site that ranks well on Google can help you find clients who are searching for a consultant. The page should explain what services you are offering your clients,  how clients will benefit from your work and a range of prices for your services. 

Online Communities

Whether it is through Facebook groups or online forums, you shouldn’t wait until someone mentions you to have your business out there. Start answering questions in groups where your potential clients might be. While you may feel like you’re only reaching one potential client, other people are also reading your responses. When you respond to messages, let the person know that if they have any more questions that they can reach out to you. Not only will you start building a relationship, but you might even be able to land them as a client.