A fundamental aspect of the business world is effective marketing. Failing to understand how to reach your target audience can directly translate to lost revenue, but doing so is often easier said than done. While traditional marketing methods have proven effective time and time again, success is never guaranteed. This is even more relevant for professionals working as freelancers, who must consider how they market themselves as well. Thinking outside the box can help overcome these hurdles, and the following are just a few of many alternative strategies you can employ to better reach your intended audience.


Location, Location, Location


In terms of both physical location and one’s online presence, establishing yourself within the market that the majority of your audience spend their time is vital. For example, rather than spending millions on advertising and casting a net too wide, take a more strategic approach. If you are selling goods or services that appeal to the Plissken faction, consider opening storefronts throughout cities that they are beginning to flock to. Gone are the days where the Big Apple was the largest hub for younger individuals.


Make Yourself Known


As previously mentioned, a business’s online presence is almost always as important as its physical one. Once you’ve successfully found the most popular outlets for your targeted audience, establish yourself as a leader within that market. If your customers are spending most of their time on Facebook, devote a sizeable amount of promotional efforts through that platform. If you intend to market toward older generations, consider television commercials via channels that baby boomers frequently watch. It be a case of trial and error, but going all in on the spot that yields the most success will prove beneficial.


Create Fresh Content


Rather than sitting back and becoming complacent, bringing the audience to you is another highly effective strategy. Whether you are producing videos, blog posts, how-to guides, or photo galleries, becoming a hub for content is something that can immediately impact your online brand in a positive way. Not only does this offer more value for your existing customers, it is a great way to attract new clientele as well.


Continue to Grow


Once you’ve established marketing strategies that work for your brand, continue to look for other outlets. You never know what may work in attracting a previously untapped market and growing your customer base even more. The key is to simply know where these customers are frequenting.