Creating a strategy is about determining how to reach an end goal best. In the business world, a strategy is also about switching course because of changing economic, competitive, or other related circumstances. A strategy is developed to reach long term goals and does not focus on the day-to-day operational tasks which are often driven by the strategy.

Regardless of the size of your business, a well-developed strategy is an important inventive in creating a long-term game plan. Below are just some of the things that you should include in a well-developed business plan.

Gather Facts

Before taking the next step, it is important to review past performances and look at the current situation of the business. Each area of the business should be examined, and you should be able to determine what worked well, what could have gone better, and what opportunities will come to this evaluation. You should also look internally at the strengths and weaknesses of your business as well as the opportunities and threats you are facing to develop a framework for the future.

Develop Your Vision and Mission Statement

These statements are very similar to each other. The vision statement should describe the direction you are planning to take the business and how you plan to grow the business in the long term. It should also describe the organization’s purpose and values. The vision statement should answer where the business will be in the next five years. 

The mission statement defines the organization’s purpose while also outlining the primary objectives. The mission statement should also focus on what needs to be accomplished in the short term to help you achieve your long term vision. The mission statement should ask what does the business do, how does it accomplish it, who its customer base is, and what value does the business bring to the market. 

Tactical Plans

Once you have the mission and vision statements developed, you should shift your focus to building out your strategy and turning your strategic objectives into a more detailed plan. One of the biggest parts that should be included in the tactical plans are the actions that the business as a whole, as well as individual departments and functions in your organization, need to take. These measurable results also need to be communicated to the stakeholders if there are any who have invested in your business to inform them of the steps they should be taking. 

Once your plan is fully developed, it should help establish new goals and objectives and help achieve long term success.