As a consultant, finding new business leads is what keeps the business afloat. Without them, a consultant will quickly run out services to offer your existing clients. To run a successful consulting firm, a good consultant needs to make sure there is always an influx of new leads for your business daily. While most leads won’t always pan out, all leads should be pre-qualified within the terms that the consultant is willing to work within. Remember, it will be hard to decline new business, but it will only help in the future. The following tips will help any consultant generate new leads for their business.

Ranking Your Site

The best way to generate targeted leads is to have your consulting site come up at the top of the page when searching on Google. Using a specific keyword that includes your business name is one of the easiest ways to achieve this. If you consultant for local businesses or you are based within a particular location, you can update your keyword to reflect your area or services. 


Any great consulting website has a blog where written content is regularly posted that helps people in some aspect of their business. A well-developed blog will allow potential clients to see your expertise and show them that you are well versed in a variety of industries based on the content you are posting. Great content will help generate new business leads!

Paid Ads

Targeted ads, especially those on Facebook, make a lot of sense when you are looking to take on new business. Facebook allows you to target your demographics specifically and can be a very cost-effective way to advertise to potential business leads. 

Social Media

Not only is social media a great place to link out to the content you are writing on your blog, but it also helps you market and engage with your audience. Social media is a great way to announce events and highlight new services you are offering. It can also be used to promote some of your projects to bring in new business. 


One of the best and most over-looked methods to generate new leads is through referrals from former clients. Do not just solicit any of your previous clients, consider clients that have highly trafficked establishments. It is essential to check with them to make sure they are willing to talk about your services and be sure to include some incentive for their help.