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Guiding toward growth 

Think Growth’s goal is to serve the needs of the companies we work with—whether for-profit or nonprofit, we work to identify a business’s needs and capitalize on latent opportunities. We strive to build trust with our clients and learn how to move them forward.

We work hand in hand with our clients to build and analyze the best strategies and approaches to empower the organization or individual to achieve and maintain the advantage. Our partnership and leadership creates change and innovation that lead to sustainable value.

We help our clients renew their business strategy and strengthen their positions in their unique vertical. We partner with our clients and provide the pathway and structure that leads to creation, innovation, and sustainable solutions.


From fresh startups, mature businesses, and everything in between.


Strategies for fundraising, outreach, and sustainable solutions.

About The Founder 

Ross Sanner is the Founder and CEO of Think Growth Consulting LLC, a leading company that guides both nonprofit and for-profit businesses through smart, expansive investment and growth opportunities. He offers consulting services in a number of verticals regarding strategy, leadership, and recruitment. Ross helps his clients earn successful returns on investments by providing solutions and overseeing their implementation.

Ross’s career has spanned finance, education management, the tech industry, and ultimately consulting. In every professional role, he has focused on growth, whether this was through his work in Mergers and Acquisitions for a Fortune 100 company or through his work with nonprofits. Ross’ diverse career has always allowed him to meet people where they currently are—and then help them figure out how to get to where they need to be. Ross has always stressed the importance of relationships in business. Through Think Growth, he cultivates sustainable growth opportunities for clients by connecting them with professionals in both the nonprofit and for-profit verticals.

What Should You Include in a Services Agreement

What Should You Include in a Services Agreement

Consultants are experienced professionals possessing a wealth of experience in a specific industry and lend assistance to individuals or business entities that need their services. Many persons befitting this professional category author services contracts that formulate the agreements between them and their clients.

Establishing Partnerships with Small Businesses

Establishing Partnerships with Small Businesses

Small business startups and mega conglomerates have many things in common. Both may struggle in a particular area, such as high turnover or lack of employee loyalty. Although these common challenges may occur across the board, small businesses are more susceptible to the fallout of such events. Virtually every obstacle affects the bottom line and profit margin of a small business. Running at peak efficiency is vital for small and new businesses. Utilizing the services of a professional consultant may help small business owners overcome challenges in a particular area.

Setting Consulting Fees

Setting Consulting Fees

Consulting is an incredibly lucrative field, generating over $100 billion in revenue annually. There are thousands of small and independent consulting firms populating the market. Everyone wants to set a precedent and be the best, but many would-be consultants struggle with pricing their services.

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