In the last decade, independent consultants have been in high demand across multiple industries. Business developers and owners are increasingly ready to consult with experts on many important business needs. Strategic growth, new business, and media marketing campaigns are just a few of the areas where independent consultants have proven to be useful resources. Here is a look at some of the most in demand skills for today’s independent consultants.

Strategy Development

In this era of information technology and instant accessibility, customers want to know that their business is in the most capable hands. Strategy development consultants offer a plethora of knowledge in a variety of different specializations.

Business owners commonly seek guidance with product and marketing strategy, especially when attempting to introduce a new product or service to the public. Consultants offer an experienced third party viewpoint that provides valuable insight to business developers. The skills involved in reviewing a marketing strategy must be forward thinking and consider long term changes that are most likely to occur. Independent consultants are tasked with considering how the market will respond to a specific new product or service. In addition, they must consider how competitors may respond, and how each of these factors will affect price, supply, and demand.

Transformation and Improvement

Independent consultants who want to remain relevant in their field must be willing to accept a vast amount of change. Sometimes these changes will even occur after a contract has been developed and signed. This phenomena is primarily due to one of the most sought after skill sets of organizational development consultants. Managing change in the workplace can be a difficult task, even for the most seasoned Human Resources staff members. An independent consultant may be asked to review flow charts and organizational groups to determine if changes in the workforce are required.

This initial review often leads to other suggestions for process improvements. Some of these changes will likely relate to the workforce, while others affect standard operating procedures. The process of investigation usually reveals a number of sources that led or contributed to what the client thought was the actual problem or challenge. Being able to quickly adapt and refocus is an important skill for independent consultants. As the fields and specializations expand, new skills will likely become more relevant.