While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic presents challenges for every industry, consultancy firms included, it also presents opportunities for consultants to guide business development and help executives rethink their operations. Bolstered by a suite of new technologies, a savvy consultant can play a proactive role in helping businesses thrive even while they take steps to manage the COVID crisis.


The last decade has been something of a heyday for consultants, some firms and individuals greatly expanding their client portfolios. More competition and more choice in technology to adopt has made corporate decision making a strategic puzzle that a skilled consultant can help solve. Consultants can even be seen as gig economists before the gig economy really took off—third-party experts brought on for their individual knowledge to help guide companies in the right direction. It’s alluring, especially for companies that may not have had the time or knowhow to reevaluate their overall strategy or infrastructure.


The COVID pandemic has been a major blow to most industries, but has created opportunities for strategic consultants. More than ever, businesses need strategists and wisdom that executives might not have. As companies halt proactive projects and go on the defensive, they have leveraged third-party expertise to gain some much-needed perspective. Many businesses have lacked solid crisis management plans covering an issue of this scale. It may seem too late to implement a plan of this nature, but there has never been a better time for businesses to leverage the expertise of a consultant to improve their short-term and long-term resilience. 


Think Growth Consulting has been actively working with clients throughout this crisis, helping them maintain stability while planning for the future. Think Growth is engaged in making strategic shifts to improve the health of a company, and to me, there’s no better time to rethink a business’s trajectory than during a period of time that puts its survival in question. Investment in a consultant is more than just an option to optimize a few niche practices; it’s a chance for a business to get an objective look into what does and doesn’t work for it.


Consultants have always been forced to operate remotely to some extent, even though face to face contact is beneficial for building client relationships. In this respect, the industry is well-poised to be flexible with changing business needs and meet them on mutually beneficial terms. 

As remote work becomes the new norm, even in the aftermath of the COVID crisis, businesses have a pronounced need to find strategists to help them adjust to the new normal. We at Think Growth Consulting want to help businesses find their stride during a difficult time so they can keep providing for employees and their families. Give us a call at 877-755-5330 to find out how we can give your business the support it needs.