In today’s consulting landscape, consultants are expected to wear multiple hats when they are addressing their clients’ issues. With their knowledge, they also must possess leadership abilities to be able to guide business owners and their employees through each phase of a consulting project. The following skills are just a few of the skills a great consultant should possess. 


In the consulting world, effective communication leads to better relationships throughout the organization, which can help improve how information is dispersed through the organization. Communication is the biggest strength of any leader and can transform individuals who have the power to use their words. 

Collaborative Approach

Leaders do not command their followers to do things. They jump in and work as a member of the team to achieve their target goal. Consultants should set targets for their clients’ organizations. They should also help ease the realization of such goals. While it is their job to advise their clients, a consultant can demonstrate leadership skills by helping out wherever they are needed. If a consultant can take a more cooperative approach and less of an advisor approach, they will be viewed as a leader to their clients. 


Consultants need to make sound decisions during turbulent times. When a business owner is afraid to make the wrong decision and wants to play it safe, it’s the consultant’s job to jump in and make the decision for them. Many opportunities are missed, and competitors take advantage when a decision isn’t made. With businesses facing tough situations, it becomes the consultant’s job to help their clients think more out of the box and help them not be afraid to take risks.

Relationship Builders

The success of a consultant depends on the relationships they create with their clients and their circle of acquaintances. Independent consultants need to build long-lasting relationships with anyone they meet because this is one way for them to generate business. 

Honesty & Integrity

A consultant can not be a good leader if they lack honesty and integrity. Leaders set the example for others by their response in stressful situations and are true to their world. They also need to maintain the highest ethical standards when dealing with clients and their employees. Through trust-building activities and transparency in the organization, a consultant will help build harmony between departments and help the clients’ organization build teamwork.